When you read about the dreamlike setting of southern France, you immediately begin to wonder what it would be like to live there. The charming shop lined streets boast outdoor markets, fresh foods and Caf├ęs under the stars. Roman sites make you feel as if you are standing on the pages of history while the picturesque setting surrounds the District.

Homes consist of enchanting villas and stone scapes with paired backdrops from the mountains to the ocean. Artists such as Picasso and Monet walked the very roads overlooking quaint villages alongside colorful towns. You hear of famous celebrities with holiday homes on the hills and start looking for your own piece of the historical utopia. Coastal cities sweeten the deal with a promise of swimming, sandy beaches and blissfully warm summer days. It would appear as if Southern France was an ideal place to live. If you are not from the region, it is easy to be swept away with the nostalgic magic in the air. Before you sign any dotted lines, there are a few scenarios to be aware of before you make any final decisions.

Southern France Moving Plans

It is wise to make sure you are fluent or at least familiar with the French language. The south of France borders other countries that influence the region as far as dialect and culture. Businesses in the tourist district are normally bilingual, however you will most likely reside in town off the visitor path. When looking for a home to rent or purchase, it is not as simple as having your finances in order and meeting the Realtor. There is a stack of forms and paperwork with a trail of red tape to sort through before you can relocate as a permanent resident. This is also true when seeking employment or opening a business. There are numerous applications already submitted with an expectation of a waiting list. Unless you are a corporate transfer, it is wise to have enough savings or a plan B at all times.

Looking ahead for a minimum of a year, budgeting your resources are wise to do. Even though the Euro is close to a U.S. dollar, there is an upcharge on amenities and an approximate twenty percent tax on goods. If you are looking to jump right in to the beach way of life, it is wise to understand the seasons. The Southern part of France will often close shop in the colder months when travelers are scarce. Arranging ahead for food, entertainment and work related tasks are suggested.

Relocate or Visit

For these reasons, Holiday homes are used for a lengthier get away with a primary residence elsewhere. It is a life altering decision to relocate and requires precise amounts of planning. A high percentage of individuals make the move only to return back within a short couple of years. If you do the right amount of research and set yourself up for success, you may just find yourself living in Southern France for many years to come.