Nestled away in the South of France is the presence of small cottage lined villages surrounded by winding scenic roads. The Mediterranean coastline fills the air with a fresh breeze through the trees. Gard of Languedoc in the Occitanie Region is the home to plush vineyards and wineries. The culture of Gard is renowned worldwide for its early period junctures and artifacts. Many travel to Gard to see the fascinating region and attractions that are around every bend.

Cities and Villages were built around a mesmerizing lineage. The geography of Southern France places them in a pivotal historic location. It is a site that has seen the rise and fall of leaders and entire empires. Ancient eras gave way to the middle ages and medieval enchantments. Taking a holiday in the beauty of Gard, France is the same as stepping into the past.

The areas of Gard are vast with an array of seasons to their cultures. Their location is in a triad of cultures. If we look at each side of Gard, you will see a remarkable essence that touches them all. From North to South, Gard will charm you as they have the rest of the world.

Southern Gard

The Southern part of Gard seems to have more traveling visitors than the other areas. One of the reasons for the attraction is the wealth of Roman ruins that are found here. An old Roman Amphitheater is located in Nimes and still holds shows to this day. The famed Pont du Gard is an Aqueduct that sits just outside of Nimes. Romanesque architectures and travels through small cobble stoned villages makes the South Gard scene a favorite of many.

Northern Gard

When you journey to the North end of Gard, you will feel transported to a former period of time. The Northern lands have a valley of villages to explore with small shops and eateries. Medieval castles sit atop of hillsides with high cliffs nearby. The tradition has remained natural to its era making it a  true wonder to see. The Aven d’orgnac caves is another sight you will not want to miss. From every view, Northern Gard is has a historical presence.

Coastal and Western Gard

The Coastal and Western area of Gard are similar for extraordinary scenic routes. Natural parks and marshes can be seen from various points. They each have a section that is visited often by tourists and locals for a rich experience. On the coast, you can find resorts and coastlines that lean towards the modern. In turn, if you go to the West, there are villages that are minimally traveled. Country sides and trails make a great way to see the sincere side of France.

Navigating through Gard will depend on your interests. You can take the time to visit them all or choose a new site for every trip. Travelers come from near and far to spend a day in Gard and leave with a heartfelt appreciation.