Hundreds of visitors bring their hiking boots and sandals to Southern France every year. Hiking in the Pyrenees, trailing along the hillsides and taking a swim amidst the beaches are among a few of the activities you will find. The Districts in Southern France have been home to a diverse number of inhabitants. Natural habitats and surroundings host an array of wildlife. You can hear the singing of birds and the playful tinkering of smaller woodland animals. Venturing off into the trees and the seas are an adventure that might bring you face to face with wildlife you were not expecting to see. Southern France is relatively safe with only a handful of incidents to report. The potential sightings of Wildlife should not deter you from your journeys, however understanding natures aspects will help you to be prepared for a chance encounter.

Visiting a well preserved area will undoubtedly include all that nature has to offer. This includes the animals of the region that may have been there before the population of residents arrived. Respecting the environment and atmosphere ensures the centuries of history will remain intact for future generations to enjoy. Most of the Animals are fun to watch and are shy of travelers who wander through. The Wildlife that are classified as aggressive are usually not prone to violence unless they feel threatened. The region provides plenty of nourishment and housing for them reducing a percentage of the inclination of predatory behaviors.

Bears in the Wild

As with most wooded areas, there is a common occurrence of seeing Bears roaming around the grounds. They have been known to feed on nearby sheep which has risen the alarms of farmers. They mostly collaborate in the Pyrenees mountains with the ability to journey further along in any direction. Food seems to be the main reasons they interact. If you are camping. Concealing scents of items will draw less attention to your site.

Black Panthers Along the Riviera

Black Panthers have paved a path to France over the years. They are skilled predatory animals who generally do not cause a fuss unless they are put into a defensive position. They have sharp claws and teeth with a surprisingly shy disposition. The number sightings are on the rise and it is suggested to steer clear of them just in case. Unless they perceive a threat, Black Panthers will usually run off away from crowds.

Jellyfish in the Waters

Swimming in the waters off the beaches in Southern France can pose a risk of being stung by a Jellyfish. They can be difficult to see and are found in any depth of water due to the tides. If you are swimming and have been stung, immediate medical attention is necessary. Illness, shaking and breathing difficulty can occur.

There are insects to watch out for such as the Tiger Mosquito that is a carrier of infections and Asp Viper snakes who are often found throughout the district. While you are in Southern France, you will be surrounded by the wonders of the District’s deep culture, stunning nature and vast history.