There are several lodging selections in Gard, France to choose from. Before you opt for the usual room, it is a good idea to explore your options. Southern France has an abundance of styles that have merged together through history. Enriching environments boast a year full of sunshine and sensational elements. The ambiance is indisputably romantic, charming and eloquent. Where you stay during your journey should allow the full extent of Southern France to touch every part of your visit.

If you are not from the country of France, you might have some confusion when locating a rental. When it comes to defining specific aspects of stays, lets and rents, there are interchangeable terms. Some of the lodging names are the same while others have a few qualities and characteristics that separate them into a different classification.

Lodging Definitions

First off, in your search you will see properties for “Let” and places for “Rent”. There is no difference between the two phrases in exception of usage. In a sentence, “Let” is the action verb of the process of “Rent”. With that in mind, there is an array of alternatives to traditional hotels. Gites are expanded across all types of rentals. As a general term some refer to it as small, mid-sized or large properties. The definition depends on the region you find yourself staying in.

If you are planning to stay in lavish French Style, there are luxurious locations with all of the glamorous bells and extravagant whistles. Large and spacious spaces have a pristine setting. Fully furnished and a generous kitchen turn a visit into a dream vacation. Breath taking views, pools, and the utmost level of privacy is the best way to enjoy a glass of locally crafted wine under the stars.

Interchangeable terms include:

  • Villa
  • Gite
  • Holiday Home

Gard has a historical presence that has been developing for centuries. There is an essence of enchantment within the walls of the historical homes. The structures include wooden framing, cobblestoned entries and castle stoned structures that are stoic and poetic. It is common to find cozy to elaborate surroundings. Vineyards, generous sceneries and a hearth and home appeal have amenities and essentials for your stay. You run the home while you are there seeing the owner upon arrival and departure only.

Interchangeable terms include:

  • Chateau
  • Gite
  • Chalet
  • Manor

Homestyle atmospheres that have a staff on hand are also available in Gard. They include the same expected necessities and fundamentals with the benefit of friendly services. Often times your stay will include front desk hosts, meal preparation and housekeeping services. Renting a room has couple of options.

  • Bed and Breakfast – Is the nicest of rooms for let. A posh and comfortable environment with a delightful breakfast is perfect for your trip.
  • Hostels – The most economic of the grouping, has slimmer amenities and accommodations.
  • Hotels – Generally commercial with a list of services that vary by location, but it’s probably safe to say that it’s also the most expensive option out of the three.