The French cinema star Brigitte Bardot is mainly responsible for the fact that the sleepy fishing village of Saint Tropez on Cote d’Azure has become a hotspot for the international jet set. What is now a dream destination for billionaires and super stars used to be a peaceful poor little town. But with the first big movie for Bardot, the tranquility was over. Although Bardot, once awarded as the most beautiful woman in the world, gave up her career early, her name is still associated with Saint Tropez. After all, the actress has been living in seclusion in the mountains of the village for decades.

Bardot appeared on the cover of the Elle magazine at the age of 15 and impressed the readers with style and grace. Her rise seemed mapped out. In 1957 she appeared in her ex-husband’s film And God Created Woman. Roger Vadim created the legend Brigitte Bardot, who floated barefoot through the streets of Saint Tropez and turned men’s heads. Unlike the film goddesses of her time, Bardot appeared to have a masculine character: freedom-obsessed, headstrong, and fun-loving. The film caused a serious scandal and some states in the USA even banned the movie.

Complex Personality

But that didn’t detract from her fame. On the contrary, the strip became a box-office hit, and the French woman became the epitome of femininity. The location of the film was now world-famous. She fascinated men and women alike as it didn’t correspond to a familiar cliché. Bardot lived and loved like a man and did not care about conventions. She was considered the most complex celebrity of her time. Unlike other actresses, she didn’t follow any rules but created her own. Her turbulent private life fascinated the public too. The rapid succession of failed marriages, clashes and suicide attempts meant that at some point Brigitte Bardot no longer wanted to be in public.

Brigitte Bardot  sculpture
Brigitte Bardot sculpture

She retired from acting at an early age and subsequently devoted herself to animal welfare. Here she appeared as radical as she was resolute and did everything she could to help her darlings. In 2017, Saint Tropez wanted to erect a monument to her and on her 83rd birthday, the town unveiled a two and a half meter high, 700-kilogram bronze sculpture on the outskirts of Saint Tropez, which shows Brigitte Bardot as a curvy young actress.

After all, she is living in the former fishing village since 1958. Therefore, she has contributed a lot to the fame of the holiday destination. Even today, people think of Brigitte Bardot when they say Saint Tropez, the place founded the honour. The actress thanked for the benefit in a letter but did not show up personally. That is also due to their split relationship with the seaside resort. She thinks the presence of the jet set spoils the once quiet place. She has lived on the outskirts of Saint-Tropez in an area called La Madrague for more than 60 years.