What to see in Nice? What to visit on the Blue Coast? Such questions are faced by anyone wishing to visit the Cote d’Azur coast, which is so widely advertised in films and celebrities. Going to an unknown place is much better when you get good advice from the person who was there.

Short Resume

The first unexpected thing was the very friendly and warm people. From Hollywood movies, this place seems like a paradise for the arrogant rich people, but the reality is much better. The area is small, so you can see a lot in a short time without taking a lot of time for travelling from one place to another. Lots of beautiful places to take photos, especially nature, mountains, bays with villas and other amazing views. Great, mild climate, as a result, the nobles and kings loved the Cote d’Azur since the time of renaissance.


Adorable town with the local population of 342,000 citizens. The name comes from the goddess of victory called Nike. The Promenade des Anglais lasts for many kilometers by the sea and is crowned by a magnificent palace. This place has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2014. Challenge yourself to climb the Castle Hill to discover its panorama and the castle of Parc de la Colline do Chateau that has survived from the 12th century. The view and landscape from this point just takes your breath away. You can continue to the old town where is an amazing market, so you can buy wonderful local herbs, fruits, cheese, or wine. Do not forget to visit the Cathedral of St. Preparations. There are also many interesting museums here for the culture geeks. One of the most impressive might be the Marc Chagall Museum. Also, an amazing sight and experience could be just having a cup of coffee while watching the famous dancing fountains. The temperature, even in winter, is about 13-14 degrees, various plants bloom everywhere, palm trees, orange trees, and lemon trees with ripe fruits and blooms. It is a paradise for the eyes and the senses.


This is where the famous Fragonard story of perfumes was born. Perfume has been produced in this region since the 16th century, and there are huge herb plantations all around. 1 liter of essence of lavender is made by using the distillation method and it is needed to pick up more than 150 liters of raw lavender for this amount. There are only 150 perfumers in France, they must be studying for 10 years, and can distinguish up to 1000 scents. The perfume is extracted from iris roots, pergola, lavender, roses, mimosas and other herbs, orange sandal tree peel, etc.

Not far from this location is the impressive Casino Palace of Monaco founded in 1865. It has beautiful gardens and very posh villas in the neighborhood. If you have already arrived in Monaco, visit the Park of Exotic Plants: it is an impressive garden set on a hillside, with waterfalls and floral compositions. Here you will find several species of flowering cactus, mimosas, cyclamen, Jeronim flowers and many other beautifully blooming plants.