It is an exhilarating experience to travel abroad. New sites to discover, people to meet and foods to try are at the top of the traveling list. When it comes to dining in a new place, there can be mixed feelings when it comes to the word “new”. It is normal to express some apprehension if you are not familiar with the cuisine. France is undoubtedly famous for their delectable dishes. If you find yourself journeying across the Southern part of Gard, you will be drawn into their culture and finesse.

Lush Vineyards are subtly paired alongside charming towns. Whether you find yourself dining in the city or by cozy candle light in the village, you will have a chance to taste France one course at a time. The finest of ingredients are a defined part of French recipes. Chefs, cooks and culinary artists all have the same perception of food and dining. Quality is the garnish on every plate.


Southern France lends a tasty couture with a flavor that is hard to find elsewhere. If you are ready to find a love for French foods, trying these notable dishes and accompaniments will leave you with a slight infatuation.

Olives – Grown in a setting of lavish lavender and vineyards, the Olives can be eaten or drizzled in the famously made form of Olive Oil. The smooth oil is locally grown and made. Tours and visits to the mills offer samples that are delicious on their own. It seems an injustice to the Olive to pair it with anything else. When you do it brings a dish from lovely to luxurious.

Bouillabaisse – A seafood broth that was crafted originally in Southern France is aromatic and full of flavor. Tender pieces of seafood including mussels, lobster and fish are generously infused with spices and fresh herbs. Though it has been adapted in other parts of the world, to taste the dish in its original Bouillabaisse intention is wonderful.

Seafood – Southern France is full of sunshine and sea misty air. Fresh seafood is a staple in the region. With a Mediterranean influence, the dishes can become inspired with accompanied vegetable, fruits and sauces. They incorporate a variety of sea side tastes in main dishes, appetizers and salads such as the Salad Niçoise.

Cassoulets and Ratatouille – cooked to perfection collaborations of ingredients are finely presented in a one dish process. Meats from the region are flavorful sausages, pork, duck and goose. Locally grown vegetables are added to the recipe with hand picked herbs to top off the flavorful ambience of the dishes.

Desserts – Fresh fruits and specialty desserts are known secrets of Southern France. Tarts, pastries and cremes are divine. Finishing sauces, cheeses and a glass of wine from a local vineyard complete the meal with excellence. Enjoying a cup of coffee or café is a standard before and after the meal has been served.

Dining in Gard will be a fresh and delicious experience. The beauty of the region captures the flavors of France in every bite.