Garde, France has a festive way to celebrate their origins. Merging the past with a new modern period, Gard hosts several annual fetes. Attendance is widely varied from nearby neighbors and those have traveled further distances for the extravaganza of events.

The festivities are more than a simple afternoon. When you arrive in Gard and surrounding areas, you will find the celebrations last for several days at a time. Shows and performances are scheduled yearly and bi-yearly depending on which location they take place. If you are in the area or planning a trip to Gard, join in on the fun and check out one of these festivals.

Ferias de Nimes

One of the biggest events of the region is the Pentecost Feria. The spectacular begins around the same time as the Feast of Pentecost. Five thrilling days of activities are planned each calendar year. The streets fill up with parades of parties. Performances are lined up featuring music from then and now and delightful exhibitions. Bull riding is a challenge that you can watch with your hat held high. If a thrashing bull is not your cup of tea, you can dance the night away instead.

Carcassonne Music Festival

Two months of Music schedules are a fantastic way to enjoy music. In  Aude, you will find  the Carcassonne celebration to appeal to all tastes in music. Set on the top of a hill side with walls that surround the town, the scenic views with the program make it an ideal gala. The stylings of Opera and classical music pave the way for modern rock and jazz sets. You can enjoy the local eateries and cafes and even visit the shops for a souvenir of your stay.

Les Joutes Nautiques de Sete

If you enjoy the medieval eras, you have to see this four-day event. It is full of themed activities and exhibits that will walk you through a line to the past. Professional Jousters compete on the Canal Du Midi in a game of Canal Jousting. Full costumes and an enjoyable display of talent is truly entertaining. It is a large attraction  that individuals anticipate every year.

Olive Fete in Canet en Roussillion

This Fete is not as happening as some of the others, however it is equally important to the region. Small villages and town are the home and hearth of Southern France. The festival brings communities together with a hometown appeal. Costumed parades of historical tidings meet a market of locals to share goods and treats. As the name depicts, olive tastings and opportunities to experience fresh oils are a definite highlight of this wonderful event held in early June.


The Gard department of France is accompanied by adjacent regions in joyful celebrations. From one day to five, you can explore the culture of Southern France in many ways. Enriched history and festival occasions come together with gorgeous views year round; certainly something to impress and leave lasting memories.