Southern regions of France are known for their elegance and savoir faire.  Gard, France is host to many cities and communes throughout the Department. Tourists enjoy coming to Gard to experience the culture and gracious scenery. On each side, you will find two differing settings. One direction is full of Mediterranean styles while the other displays Provincial hillsides that lie inland of the Provence.

There are distinct ways to truly see the bordering areas. Southern France is appealing to many individual interests. Historical attractions, inspiring sites and sandy beaches line the region with a cultural possibilities. When you are planning your holiday to France, there is a determining factor that will decide which view meets your vision. How you want to experience Gard will show you the traveling path that’s right for you.

Quietly Reflect

If you are hoping to see the quiet beauty of Gard, you may want to avoid the busier sectors of the District. There are many smaller villages and towns that are the perfect place to find a cozy corner with nature. Sauve or Bajac are known for their cottage style country sides that will bring you a chance to see the vast originality Gard has to offer. Camping, bike riding and trails collaborate the essence of nature.

Staying Busy

Getting swept away in the excitement of France is easy when you travel to cities that welcome tourists with open arms. They are set up to meet expectations for entertainment, lively nightlife and attractions. With plenty of accommodations, Nimes, Beaucaire and Ales are three of the larger cities in Southern France. Happenings and events are common occurrences in these areas.

Enjoy the Art

France is the center of artistic attention. For Centuries, Painters and Sculptors are either native to the region or they journey to France for inspiration. Galleries and museums are prevalent throughout Gard that will fulfill your own perception. Nimes and Uzes are rich in both art history and culture. You can see first hand the masterpieces of local hands alongside renowned talents.

Hands on Experiences

While in the Gard, activities and hands on opportunities allow you to become a part of tradition. There a that have classes or workshops that last anywhere from a couple of hours of instruction to weeks of training. Vezenobres and Mialet are two popular locations that offer a unique glance at mastered and crafted works.

Historical Haunts

Nimes, Beaucaire and Uzes in Gard have History and mystery in the air. There are hundreds of sites through the department, however narrowing down a few specifics is in your best traveling interest. These lovely locations offer sites that bring you from Roman times to Medieval eras. Castles , gates and Ruins are breathtaking in any time period.

Gard France is brimming with hopes, tradition and history. Each person has their own dreams when they come to the Department of Gard. When you are in Southern, France, the elements will exceed all of your expectations.